Architectural Guidelines

We have the revised the architectural review packet to clarify and specify materials for items that were previously vague. Also disregard to the architectural guidelines by some builders and /or homeowners has necessitated the enactment of a required $5000 cash before approval will be given. If, upon completion of the house, no Architectural Review Committee guidelines or specifications have been compromised, this bond will be refunded in full. However, if the house is not completed as approved by the committee(such as but not limited to, putting a 25 year rated shingle on the roof rather than the 30 or 40 year quality specified in the Architectural Review Packet), a claim will be made against the bond.

The following is a list of highlights of the contents of this review packet: further detail is on accompanying pages. IT IS SUGGESTED THAT A COPY OF THE FOLLOWING LIST BE GIVEN TO YOUR ARCHITECT BEFORE THE DRAWINGS ARE STARTED. This may prevent costly revisions and changes as well as delays in the approval process with the review committee.


The exterior appearance of the home, including the front elevation and color must be substantially different than another home (including one not yet constructed where the committee has approved plans) within 1000 feet of such home.

Soffits and fascia must be cedar and stated as such on your plans.

Square footage requirements (2500 for a ranch, 3000 for a two-story) refer to the INTERIOR square footage (measured to inside of outside walls). This square footage measurement should be broken down by floor, and noted on the architectural plans.

Overhead garage doors may be wood or steel, but in either case, fully grained raised panel style, and stated as such on the plans.

A stone address block with 5″ numbers must be included on the front elevation of the house.

If asphalt shingles are to be used for the roof, they must be a 30 or 40 year rated architectural or dimensional shingle and stated as such on the plans.


Culvert pipe must be 15″ diameter, made of concrete, and have a flared end section on each end. Yard lights are mandatory and must be shown on either your site plan or your landscaping plan. It is suggested that these lights be controlled by sun sensors, as our subdivision has no street lights. In an effort to maintain the topography of the subdivision, top of foundation heights should be only as high as necessary for construction-excessive “build-up” and grading changes should be avoided.

Again, these are the HIGHLIGHTS of the review packet. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU READ ALL THE FOLLOWING PAGES TO ENSURE THAT YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND AND COMPLY WITH THE ARCHITECTURAL CRITERIA. If you need further clarification on anything at all, please email

The complete document is available for your viewing in MS Word format. To download a copy so you can print it and have a permanent record, Right click here, then select “Save Target As”…and select a folder to download the file.


In order to protect the property values in the Woods of Wayne, certain standards and requirements have been established with respect to exterior alterations/improvement to current homes. In order to adhere to these standards, all exterior home alterations/improvements requiring a permit from the Village of Wayne must be submitted, in detail, to the Woods of Wayne Architectural Review Committee for approval.

Summary of Key Covenants & Restrictions

  • No trees can be removed from any lot(except dead or diseased) without the permission of Woods of Wayne Board of Directors.
  • All structures (swimming pools, dog runs and kennels) require a special building permit from the village and require approval from the Woods of Wayne Board of Directors. These structures cannot be located within a front or side yard, but may be located in the rear yard subject to village ordinances and regulations.
  • No offensive activity that may become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood shall be carried on, in or upon any premises.
  • No fence shall be erected without the approval of the Woods of Wayne Board of Directors. Stockade, chain-link or wire fences are prohibited.
  • All swimming pools, dog runs and kennels must be screened to avoid visual observation along an interior street with the subdivision.
  • Metallic flag poles are prohibited, Non metallic flag poles less than 25 feet in height are permitted.
  • Above ground swimming pools are prohibited.
  • Each homeowner are responsible to provide a yard light.
  • No homeowner shall modify the outside structure of their house without the approval of Woods of Wayne Board of Directors. This includes, but is not limited to the exterior color of your home or parts thereof.
  • Any alterations made to the exterior of your home(i.e. painting, installing of hot tub, gazebos etc.) must be approved by the Woods of Wayne Board of Directors.

Get a copy of the Covenants and Restrictions here


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